Black Chair Mats – New Product, Classic Look

Black Chair Mats – New Product, Classic Look

Black Chair Mats are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces.  These simple yet classy looking desk chair mats offer a timeless design while helping to protect both carpets and hard floor surfaces.  These black office mats are available in several standard shapes but can also be fully customized to fit virtually any desk arrangement.

Compared to other black chair mats on the market, our heavy-duty black mats are constructed of a rigid polymer to help prevent dimples or cracking, even with thick, plush carpet and heavy loads.  These floor mats are approximately 2x as thick as other black mats.  Additionally, the surface is slightly textured to help the chair’s wheels grip the mat and make rolling easier and offering better traction when standing on the mat.  Because of this commercial-grade construction, we stand behind these mats and can offer a lifetime warranty.

In addition to the traditional rectangular and lipped chair mat shapes, these black desk mats are also available in other standard shapes including the workstation (beaker) shape and contoured triangle.   All of these standard shapes include safety beveled edges which help prevent tripping and allow the desk chair to easily roll on and off the mat regardless of the floor surface.

Black chair mats can also be produced in virtually any custom shape or size.  These custom black chair mats can be made for carpeted and hard floor surfaces (such as wood, tile, marble, etc.).  Custom mats also include beveled edges on all sides.  Depending on the complexity of the design, these mats can take up to a week to manufacture.

For individuals seeking a desk chair mat alternative to the typical clear chair mats or even the wood chair mats, our black chairmats are a great option.  With the ability to use on carpet and hard floors, the variety of standard shapes and the easy of customization, black chair mats are a great option to consider when purchasing a office chair mat.

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