Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats

Polycarbonate Chair Mats are crystal clear and the strongest PVC-alternative desk chair mats available today. These chairmats are both shatter and impact resistant while providing an easy rolling surface which will not dimple nor dent.

• Unparalleled sustainability:
-- Odorless BPA-Free, EA-Free and Ortho-Phthalate-Free
-- Stain resistant and withstands harsh cleaners
-- 45% greenhouse gas reduction over poly-vinyl carbonate (PVC)
-- Energy savings over PVC
-- Outlasts regular chair mats 3 to 1
-- Superior useful lifetime of product reduces landfill usage


• 5 year warranty on all eco-alternative Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats against cracks due to normal wear and tear.

• These polycarbonate chair mats are available with anchors for use on carpeted floors and a smooth backing for hard floor surfaces.

• Polycarbonate Chair Mats are 1/9" thick (aka 110mil or 0.110")

• A "LIP" is a extension from one of the short sides of the mat. The lip protects the area underneath the desk where the chair wheels can roll if the chair is pushed in all the way. The small pictures to the left are shown with a lip.

• Chair mats which include a "LIP" are listed using the overall, or total, size of the mat (including the lip). Therefore, the remaining rectangular portion of the chairmat is smaller than the corresponding size that is listed.

Item No: C.CMECO

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Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats
  • Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats
  • Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats
  • Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats
  • Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats
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