Choosing the Correct Desk Chair Mat

Desk chair mats are available with a variety of options and choosing the best product can mean the difference between comfortable, easy gliding and back pain, or worse, a damaged floor. When selecting the proper desk mat, one must factor in several considerations including flooring type/backing, shape, size, thickness and edging. By understanding these attributes and choosing correctly, your chair mat can provide years of comfort, easy movement all while protecting the floor underneath....

Wood Chair Mats vs Bamboo Chair Mats

Wood Chair Mats have become quite popular in the recent years thanks to both their aesthetic appeal and the hearty wood construction. The question then becomes how to differentiate between the traditional Premium Wood Chair Mats and the new Bamboo Chair...

Polycarbonate Chair Mats vs Traditional PVC Vinyl Chair Mats

Polycarbonate office chair mats are an exciting and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC (vinyl) chair mats.  Polycarbonate is a clear, rigid compound that offers a smooth rolling surface for desk chairs on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces

Black Chair Mats – New Product, Classic Look

Black Chair Mats are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces.  These simple yet classy looking desk chair mats offer a timeless design while helping to protect both carpets and hard floor surfaces.  These black office mats are available in several standard shapes but can also be fully customized to fit virtually any desk arrangement.

Custom Chair Mats - Unlimited Possibilities

Custom chair mats are available in a virtually any size or shape to accommodate office desks with non-traditional setups and configurations.  These custom mats can be configured to fit odd-shaped desk desks, long workstations and oversized tables.  Custom chair mats can be made for both carpeted floors and hard surfaces alike.

Wood Design Chair Mats

Laminate Wood Design Chair Mats are our latest edition to the Designer Chair Mat product line, offering a traditional wood grain appearance, laminated to a clear chair mat and resulting in an eye-catching, economically priced option to our premium wood chair mats and bamboo mats...

Supreme Thickness Chair Mats are the Thickest Desk Mats Available Today

Finding the correct thickness for an office chair mat being placed on a carpeted floor is of utmost importance when selecting a floor mat.  Although a chair mat can never be “too thick” employing a mat that is too thin can lead to dimpling or worst, cracking.  With the introduction of Supreme Thickness Chair Mats, we now offer an option that is 20% thicker than our previous thickest mat, the Premium (1/5” or 200 mil).  The Supreme mat is a whopping 1/4" (or 250mil) and thus the thickest chair mat available in the market today.

Highlights of Glass Chair Mats

Glass chair mats are in a league of their own when it comes to comparing different types of desk chair mats.  Glass, by definition, is a rigid material that will never bend, dent, divot or sink into the floor and thus makes it one of the few types of office chair mat material that is completely rigid.  Also, due to its 100% clarity/transparency and it's ability to function seamlessly on both carpeted and hard floors, Glass Chair Mats are a great option for any office desk, computer workstation, sewing table, or just about anywhere needing floor protection.

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