Chair Mat

Welcome to American Chair Mats. We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive selection of high quality Chair Mats such as: Carpeted Surface Chair Mats, Hard Surface Chair Mats, Wood Chair Mats, Bamboo Chair Mats, Designer Chair Mats and more.

Chair Mats for Carpeted Surfaces

These heavy-duty chair mats for carpeted floors are engineered so desk chairs easily roll, thereby increasing range of motion, while protecting carpet.


Chair Mats for Hard Surfaces

These commercial-grade chair mats for hard floors are manufactured so that desk chairs can effortlessly roll around and so the floor remains protected.


Wood Chair Mats

Laminate wood chair mats add a sense of style to any carpeted or hard surfaced floor. Our wood desk mats protect the floor and facilitate chair movement.


Bamboo Chair Mats

Our eco-friendly Bamboo Chair Mats add style and improve efficiency in any work area. They are designed for both carpeted and hard floors and roll up or fold for easy storage.


Designer Chair Mats - All Surfaces

We offer a wide variety of different desk chair mats to suit all surfaces. Our designer chair mats protect floors while improving movement around the office.


Anti-Static Chair Mats

Anti-Static Chair Mats help protect both the individual and their computer/electronics from electrical shock. Our anti-static mats allow desk chairs to easily move and are available for carpeted surfaces.


Chair Mat Runners

These variable length chair mats are available in 1 foot increments up to 50 feet long and help protect carpeted floors while increasing range of motion. Our Runner Chair Mats are ideal for conference tables and workstations.


Design Print Chair Mats

These image printed chair mats protect floors and allow desk chairs to roll easily while bursting with color. These chair mats increase range and ease of motion while seated on carpeted and hard surfaces.


Polycarbonate Eco Chair Mats

Polycarbonate Chair Mats are crystal clear and the strongest PVC-alternative desk chair mats available today. These chairmats are both shatter and impact resistant while providing an easy rolling surface which will not dimple nor dent.


Glass Desk Chair Mats

Glass Desk Chair Mats offer a superior chair mat material. Glass mats are completely clear, have beveled edges for a seamless transition on and off the mat and can withstand 1000s of Lbs on both carpet and hard floors.


Vented Chair Mats

Vented Chair Mats are office chair mats that contain hundreds of tiny air vents which help moisture to escape from underneath these mats to prevent mold and mildew from appearing. These ventilated chair mats are ideal for moist areas.


Black Desk Chair Mats

Black Desk Chair Mats offer a simple, sleek design and are an attractive option compared to clear desk mats and wood mats. These rigid black chair mats help chairs easily roll and protect the flooring underneath.


Laminate Wood Design Chair Mats

Laminate Wood Design Chair Mats have the look of wood but the function and economical price of vinyl. These laminate chair mats come with a smooth backing for use on hard floors such as tile, vinyl wood, marble and terrazzo.


Chair Mat Accessories

Chair Mat Accessories include complementary products to our desk chair mat product line, which help keep these floor mats in place, protect them and extend their useful life. These associated chairmat products help round out the product line.

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