Custom Chair Mats - Unlimited Possibilities

Custom Chair Mats - Unlimited Possibilities

Custom chair mats are available in a virtually any size or shape to accommodate office desks with non-traditional setups and configurations.  These custom mats can be configured to fit odd-shaped desk desks, long workstations and oversized tables.  Custom chair mats can be made for both carpeted floors and hard surfaces alike.

Our traditional chair mats, although available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and shapes, may not fit every application.  These standard chair mats are available in a 36" x 48" size all the way up to 72" x 96" in both rectangular and Lip shapes for carpeted floors and 36" x 48" to 60" x 96" sizes for hard floors in the same shapes.  Custom chair mats can be produced in smaller and larger sizes as well as any size or shape in between.

Custom chair mats for carpeted floors are available in three thicknesses: Standard (1/7" or 145mil), Premium (1/5" or 200mil) and our ultra-thick Supreme (1/4" or 250mil).  Standard thickness chair mats are perfect for low to medium pile carpets, such as those in office spaces.  Premium thickness mats are designed for medium to thicker pile carpets such as those found in residences.  Supreme thickness mats are ideal for thick, dense carpets and high-pile carpets.  For custom carpeted chair mats over 72" x 96" multiple mats can be linked together with interlocking puzzle teeth to form larger chair mats.

Custom chair mats for hard floor surfaces are produced in our Standard thickness (1/7" or 145mil).  Since hard floors such as tile, marble, wood and vinyl do not compress down like carpet, the Standard thickness will hold up for many years and, like the carpeted custom chair mats, comes with our Lifetime Warranty.  These mats can also be made in sizes over 60" x 96" by linking together multiple pieces.

Not only can custom chair mats be constructed of multiple mats linked together to form oversized chair mats but another great feature on these custom floor mats is the vented option.  Custom vented chair mats are recommended in areas with moisture rising up through the floor.  The vents help aerate the floor beneath the mat, which prevents moisture build up that could lead to mold or mildew.  Vented custom chair mats are available for both carpet and hard floors.

Please feel free to email us at or call us at 800-762-9010 to discuss options and pricing for custom chair mats.  We can take your measurements and dimensions over the phone or you can always fax us at 301-881-7840 or email us a sketch of what's needed.  We will put a sign-off drawing together and send it back within 24 hours for your confirmation and approval before beginning production.  Custom chair mats typically take 1-2 days to produce before shipping out.

American Chair Mats is an industry lead in custom chair mats for all the aforementioned reasons and has been so for almost thirty years.  We look forward to assisting you with your custom chair mat needs.

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