Highlights of Glass Chair Mats

Glass chair mats are in a league of their own when it comes to comparing different types of desk chair mats.  Glass, by definition, is a rigid material that will never bend, dent, divot or sink into the floor and thus makes it one of the few types of office chair mat material that is completely rigid.  Also, due to its 100% clarity/transparency and it's ability to function seamlessly on both carpeted and hard floors, Glass Chair Mats are a great option for any office desk, computer workstation, sewing table, or just about anywhere needing floor protection.
All of our glass floor mats are manufactured from reinforced, tempered glass that is approximately 5x stronger than other commercial-grade glass and can hold 1000s of pounds of weight and not be affected negatively.  This added strength also lends itself to making the glass more scratch resistant.
One key feature of these glass chair mats is the beveled safety edging on all sides.  This sloped edge allows for a safe, easy transition on and off the mat, which is especially useful if someone rolls off the side since it takes almost no effort to roll back onto the mat, unlike other glass floormats.
Thanks to its innovative design, all of the glass floor mats can be placed on virtually any surface, including carpet (commercial and residential), wood, tile, marble, terrazzo, VCT, LVT, laminate and vinyl without the mat breaking or the flooring below becoming damaged.  Little, clear spacers are included on all glass desk chair mats being used on a hard floor to ensure the safety of all surfaces and to help the mats firmly stay in place.  Also, due to the weight of these mats, they should virtually never move once put in place.
All glass mats come with a lifetime warranty to provide peace of mind and let customers know that American Chair Mats stands behind all glass chair mats.  You can find a copy of our Glass Chair Mat warranty here but, essentially, these mats should last a lifetime (and then some!) as long as metal or other glass is not placed on top of these mats.  With years of experience of manufacturing and selling glass matting, American Chair Mats is confident in these mats and the lifetime of performance.
Glass chair mats can be more expensive than clear vinyl chair mats and other types of chair mat materials but, when considering the lifetime of use and unsurpassed performance, they can actually pay for themselves and be a great, long-term investment.

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