Rubber Flooring Beveled Edge Ramps

Heavy-Duty Rubber Flooring Beveled Edge Ramps are ADA-compliant, sloped nosing that can be applied to any vinyl or rubber mat's edge to provide a gradual transition between two surfaces with varying heights.

• These beveled edge ramps can easily be cut down to any desired length and attached right to the flooring.

• By reducing any potential tripping hazard the Rubber Flooring Ramps help to provide a safer walking surface between two flooring surfaces with different heights.

• Beveled ramps can easily be cut down with a utility (razor) knife to the size needed. The lip fits right over the edge of the flooring for a snug fit.

Low Profile Edge Ramps
Fit floor matting between 1/6" (4mm) and 1/4" (6mm) thick.
-- Perfect for 1/4" thick rubber flooring

High Profile Edge Ramps
Fit floor matting between 1/4" (7mm) and 1/3" (9.5mm) thick.
-- Perfect for 8mm and 3/8" thick rubber flooring

Mega Profile Edge Ramps
Fit floor matting between 7/16" (11mm) and 9/16" (15mm) thick.
-- Perfect for 1/2" thick rubber flooring


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    Rubber Flooring Beveled Edge Ramps

    Standard Configuration

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    Customer Questions & Answers

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    How do you form a corner with this material?
    - John C.

    The best way to form a corner is to take two pieces and cut them at a 45-degree angle. Thus, when they're lined up they'll form a perfect right angle (90-degree corner). Be sure to cut each strip at least 2in longer than the side your attaching it to so you have enough excess to form the corner. (For example, if you sides are 5' and 6' then make the two edge ramps 5' 2" and 6' 2" so that when you cut each at a 45-degree angle and then attach them to the flooring they'll extend all the way to the outside corner and form a perfect transition).

    Can you roll wheels and equipment over these transitions?
    - Alan H.

    Certainly - Assuming the ramps are properly attached, they firmly hold on to the adjacent flooring and allow easy transitioning from one surface to the other.

    Are there any edge ramps that fit 3/4" thick flooring?
    - Martin G.

    Great question - we currently offer the edging for 1/4" (6mm), 3/8" (8mm-9mm) and 1/2" (12mm-13mm) but don't have an edging available for 3/4" thick matting at this point in time though it is being considered for the future.

    Is this edging flexible? Can the ramps be used with an S-shaped floor?
    - Dave G.

    The material used to form these beveled edge ramps is indeed flexible but may not be able to be used on an "S" shaped floor - it would depend on the amount of curvature and the length of the curve.

    Do you have a roll longer than 12'?
    - Eldra D.

    We used to offer custom lengths prior to COVID but, due to manufacturing constraints these days, we're limiting it to 6' and 12' pieces at this time.

    Where are these rubber ramps made?
    - Corey H.

    These edge ramps are manufactured here in the US from American-sourced raw materials.

    How wide/deep is the High Profile and Mega Profile edging?
    - Graham R.

    High Profile: From the top inside tip that lips over the flooring to the outside tip that bevels down and meets the floor is 2 inches. The ramp itself extends out approximately 1-3/4" from the matting it butts up against.  Mega Profile: The overall depth (top inside tip to outside tip) is about 2" and the ramp itself extends out about 2-3/4".

    Could the ramp flip up if you bump it with your foot?
    - Russell H.

    The ramps are designed to firmly hold onto the adjacent flooring and should not flip up/fall off under normal circumstances, even in high-traffic / heavy-use areas including commercial gyms and fitness centers.

    How is the edging held in place? Does it need double-sided tape?
    - Andy T.

    By sliding the flooring all the way inside the "C" channel on the backside of the ramp, it will crimp the mat and firmly hold it in place.  Although not necessary, a small amount of adhesive could be added inside the "C" to bond the flooring to the edge ramp.  Double-sided tape really isn't necessary.

    Any reason why this would not work with an 8mm thick laminate plank floor?
    - Donna C.

    These edge ramps should fit nicely over an 8mm thick material and although they're often used for rubber flooring they work equally well on many other types of floor materials as well. 

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