Supreme Thickness Chair Mats are the Thickest Desk Mats Available Today

Finding the correct thickness for an office chair mat being placed on a carpeted floor is of utmost importance when selecting a floor mat.  Although a chair mat can never be “too thick” employing a mat that is too thin can lead to dimpling or worst, cracking.

With the introduction of Supreme thickness mats, we now offer an option that is 20% thicker than our previous thickest mat, the Premium (1/5” or 200 mil).  The Supreme mat is a whopping 1/4" (or 250mil) and thus the thickest chair mat available in the market today.  These mats are rated for use on even the thickest, plushest carpets and pads.  Supreme thickness chair mats are also rated for a total weight (ie, individual’s weight plus the weight of the chair) of up to 300 lbs.

Supreme Thickness Chair Mats are perfect for high-pile residential carpets and plush commercial carpets often found in executive offices and high-end suites.  These 1/4" thick chair mats are like nothing else available on the market today and that is why they come with a lifetime warranty against breaks and cracks.

Although standard rectangular and lipped chair mats fit most applications, supreme thickness chair mats can also be fully customized to fit virtually any desk layout.  These custom chair mats, like the standard counterparts, come with safety beveled edges to prevent tripping and allow the desk chair to easily roll on and off the mat.  Custom mats can be manufactured in just a few days regardless of the shape or size.

If dimpling, cracking, breaking chair mats have plagued your office in the past, Supreme thickness chair mats for carpeted surfaces are the answer.  With their commercial grade construction and 250mil thickness coupled with their lifetime warranty, these heavy-duty desk chair mats will perform on even the most dense, plush carpets and heavier than normal weight loads.  Please email or call us for more information and ordering instructions for this chair mat product.

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