Wood Chair Mats vs Bamboo Chair Mats

Wood Chair Mats vs Bamboo Chair Mats

by Jessica Berman, Wood Enthusiast

Our premium Wood Chair Mats are the standard in wood desk chair mats. These floor mats are the most durable, heavy-duty chair mats available today. Constructed of a MDF core for superior strength and laminated with an oak, cherry or walnut finish, these wooden chairmats are stylish and functional.

Premium Wood Mats have other added benefits. These are also available with beveled, or sloped, borders on all sides to allow the desk chair to easily roll on and off the mat. Additionally, these chairmats can be manufactured in custom shapes and sizes.

Bamboo Chair Mats are another excellent option within the wood chair mat arena. Although these bamboo mats are only available in natural and dark cherry finishes as of this publication, they are produced in many more sizes and thicknesses. These sizes vary depending on the thickness but most sizes are available in each one: 3/16” (5mm), 5/16” (8mm) and 1/2" thick (12mm).

The 3/16” and 5/16” thick chair mats are made of 2-4” slats that are bound together and can easily roll and unroll. The 1/2" version boasts a trifold design for a sturdier construction and is ideal for plusher carpeted surfaces. This 1/2" thick bamboo office mat has beveled borders on each side.

In summary, both premium wood and bamboo chair mats offer a variety of sizes, finishes and options to fit virtually any need. The premium wood mats are stronger, more customizable and have beveled edges. The bamboo mats come in many more sizes and thicknesses and can easily be transported, if necessary. Thus, based on these features, it truly comes down to the visual appeal and specific use of each individual customer when deciding which type of wood chair mat to purchase.

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