Wood Design Chair Mats

    Wood Design Chair Mats – A whole new look in wood chair mats

Laminate Wood Design Chair Mats are our latest edition to the Designer Chair Mat product line, offering a traditional wood grain appearance, laminated to a clear chair mat and resulting in an eye-catching, economically priced option to our premium wood chair mats and bamboo mats.

The wood pattern is laminated to the underside of clear chair mats.  This construction allows for several benefits.  First, these wood design mats can be produced with an anchor backing for use on carpeted floors as well as a smooth backing for use on hard floor surfaces.  Additionally, because these designer mats are made using our clear chair mats, they come with a lifetime warranty (which is standard with all of our clear chair mats).  Finally, the wood design being adhered to the underside of the chair mat helps preserve the wood pattern by not being exposed to the constant contact with the chair’s wheels, which could otherwise wear down the wood laminate layer.

Currently, wood design chair mats are produced in the most common size: 36” x 48” with a lip (which is a protrusion on the front end of the mat and fits underneath the desk).  Other sizes are scheduled for the future.

Although many types of woods and finishes exist, the two most common, a lighter natural wood and a darker cherry wood, are also the two that complement most wood surfaces and thus the two colors available with this chair mat.  We are always happy to send out free color samples of any chair mat product – just let us know if you need any to test in your home or office.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of these new wood design chair mats is the price – because they are constructed from our clear vinyl chair mats with a laminated wood surface underneath, they are less expensive than our solid wood chair mats or even bamboo chair mats.  Starting at $84.69 and offered with our standard chair mat warranty, these laminate wood chair mats are sure to fit any budget.

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